GYache Improved

Suggest features

First of all: please do not e-mail feature suggestions directly to the developers. A much better place to request features is the Feature Request Tracker on the site (see the details below).

Using the Feature Request Tracker

The tracker helps to keep all the requests for enhancements in one place. Go through the following steps when requesting a feature:

  1. If you have not registered on the Web site, please do that before posting a feature request (see more information below).
  2. Go to the Feature Request Tracker.
  3. Make sure you are logged in.
  4. Search existing requests for similar features. If it's already there, just post another comment, instead of adding a similar item to the tracker.
  5. If you have not found an existing feature request, consider adding a new one.
  6. Choose an informative subject line.
  7. Describe the suggested feature providing as many details as possible.

Why Registration Is Necessary?

Technically, it is possible to post a feature request anonymously. The registration simply enables sending you notifications on any changes in the request status. Also, as a registered user, you will automatically receive all the comments attached to your request. Note that such comments can include clarification inquires from project developers, or information on possible alternative solutions.